Best Mystery Rooms in Toronto

Mystery rooms have brought the gaming experience into the real world as a popular way to have fun. Participants remain locked in a room in which they must search for clues using logic and teamwork. These clues will allow the players to escape before time runs out.

Real Escape Games in Toronto is considered to be one of the best such experiences in the Toronto area, offering players engaging and high-quality puzzles to solve and both of its locations. In addition, their storylines are written by award-winning writers with backgrounds in both science fiction and comic-book writing, as well as stage, film, and alternate reality gaming.

With three locations in the downtown Toronto area, Mystery Rooms in Toronto give players a total of sixty minutes to solve a series of puzzles. Players will go through several rooms in an attempt to complete the mission and escape before time runs out.
Mystery Room organizes its games by level of difficulty, offering players the ability to have a good time no matter what the skill level.
For those looking for a more immersive experience, RoundAbout may be a good choice. This location offers users high-tech props and detailed sets to truly engage players in a realistic setting.
A similar experience can be found at The Great Escape, which not only offers detailed sets, but also the opportunity for players to dress the part in a variety of costumes. Themes at this location range from fictional, such as The Da Vinci Code, to realistic, like The Hangover.
Another popular destination for mystery rooms in the Toronto area is Escape Casa Loma. Set inside Toronto’s famous castle, this location combines historical fact with a fictitious storyline as players try their best to escape. In addition to the historic location, the site makes use of full theatrical production sets and an entire cast of characters.
Those with children may wish to visit Looking Glass Adventures. A family-friendly escape room, this location offers child-appropriate puzzles within its rooms.