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Talk'n Horses would like to WELCOME our newest sponsor Waterfall Ridge Horshoe Design!  You just have to see what Amby makes out of horse shoes!!  Its amazing!  Functional, Durable, Rustic...just plain fun..objects for your cabin or home!  Thanks Amby and Schelli~!  Check out their "objects" at our booth at the Minnesota Horse Expo!

NEW ON TALK'N HORSES...a Link to Scot Hansen's HorseThink in the left sidebar, just scroll down.  Scot is a retired mounted police officer who trained officers and horses, purchased remounts, and worked the streets. During this time, he had the opportunity to ride horses in and around obstacles that the average person never encounters.  Scot has a great respect for the horse -- and for the unbounded potential in the human-horse relationship. His philosophies and training methods are based on fundamental horse behavior -- applicable to every horse in every situation. Scot’s “HorseThink” methods have proven to be effective for all types of horses and riders. Age doesn’t matter, either in the human or the horse, nor does the breeding, type of tack used, or the equine sport undertaken.  Click on Scot's link and visit his webpage.  You can even sign up for Scot's On-Line Newsletter! Great Information!

Why God Gave Us Horses.....
    thanks Nicki!

THE "LORI" Connection... (Friends Helping Friends)

Lori, we are interested in selling our 19 year old mare, Ginger.  She is a registered AQHA red dun mare that could be bred or ridden.  She's got a nice handle and a nice slow jog.  She's been our spare trail horse but she's not been ridden much lately.  When Courtney's cow horse came up lame last fall she did take Ginger to a team penning clinic and she did really well.  She's not a western pleasure horse - as she's not flat kneed - nor a high speed racer for games, etc. but would make a nice novice trail horse or cow horse.  

We have a  2 year old coming back from training this spring.  That and Harlan's taken up riding my gaited mare she's not getting used as she should and she's just too nice a mare to sit around.  A good home is more important than price.  We'd let her go to the right family for around $1,000 (give or take).  The one picture is only from the back end (Harlan's riding) when we were in Pillsbury State Forest last year.  I've got more pictures at home I could send electronically if someone you know is interested.

Interested?  Click Here

If you have horses, you need to check out Prairie Farm Supply!  Quality products at a fair price and the expertise to help you choose the right ingredients for YOUR horse, YOUR riding preferences, and YOUR pocketbook!  Let me tell you, Prairie Farm Supply has a comprehensive selection of ingredients to build the perfect feed for your horse.  I know, because we get all our grain there!  Call (952) 873-4234 and talk to Alan about customizing a horse feed just for you.  All you need to do is tell him about your horse or horses, what type of riding you do, what type of hay you feed, and I’m sure he can set you up with the perfect feed! Oh, and tell him that Talk’n Horses sent ya!!

If you’re interested, here's my winter recipe 705 lbs Corn (slightly cracked), 450 lbs of Oats, 225 lbs of 30% Horse Pellets, 115 lbs Carmel Glo (my horses love sweet feed but you can get oil to replace the Carmel Glo), 7.5 lbs salt, and 1.5 lbs of preserver.  

A BIG Thank You to the State Of Minnesota for allowing Talk'n Horses to use a copy of their Horseback Riding location map to link to their interactive page.  The State of Minnesota has created a web page with locations marking State Parks or Recreation Areas, State Forests, and State Trails with horseback riding!  What is so neat about this web page is that each location on their map is a link to another web page with more information about each location!  Plan to visit Minnesota's Horseback Riding areas this summer...and check them out, in advance, with the link on Talk'n Horses...just CLICK HERE!

Talk'n Horses would like to WELCOME The Land (Minnesota's Rural Life Magazine) to our family of sponsors!  Check out their "Spotlight" page and learn about this great magazine!  You'll find their banner in the right rotating banner on most pages of Talk'n Horses and on select pages rotate-on-refresh banners.  The Land's Equine issues will be coming out March 23rd (Southern Minnesota Editions) and March 30th (Northern Minnesota Editions) so be sure to get subscription information to them ASAP!  Their customer service numbers are (507) 345-4523 or (800) 657-4665, but if you’d rather, send an e-mail to  The Land is FREE to farmers and agribusinesses within the State of Minnesota!  Non-farmers and those wishing to subscribe who live outside the service area only pay a $20.00 fee per year.  If you're interested in advertising in "The Land" Equine Issues, e-mail or call Molly, Gaylord, or Karen, their information is on their “Spotlight” page with their respective areas.  The deadline for advertising space is Friday, March 16th.   Oh, and tell’em Talk’n Horses sent ya!
Have you received the e-mail circulating an article "Want to Avoid This?", about CDL's and Horse Hauling?  I did...thanks Jan!  What great information, unfortunately, the article was taken from The American Quarter Horse Journal so it cannot be duplicated without their approval!  But, US Rider has graciously approved a link to their site's "trailering safety" page featuring two undisputed experts on equine travel -- Neva Kittrell Scheve and James Hamilton, DVM.

Merely click US Rider's Logo to be taken to their site's  "Trailering and Equine Travel Safety Area".  You will find US Rider's Logo in Talk'nHorses' banner to the left (scroll down) and also on Talk'n Horses "travel, weather & maps" page with a link to the "U.S. State and Territory Animal Import Regulations".  This combination should help those traveling out state with trailering tips and individual state's animal import regulations!  Just in time for Spring Travel to your favorite destination!

Looking for horsey e-cards to send your friends, relatives, and/or your loved ones?  Well, just scroll down and click on the "A Love 4 Horses" Logo above "Links to Associations and Organizations" in the left column!  You will be transferred to the Horse Art eCards page of "A Love 4 Horses".  New cards are being added all the time!  Enjoy....

By the way, A Love 4 Horses also has horse logos and equine graphics for web and print!  Tell Joni that Talk'n Horses sent ya!

A BIG THANK YOU to Southcreek Stables in Gaylord for becoming part of our family of sponsors!  You'll find Southcreek Stables' information on the Stables/Boarding page with pictures and more information on their "Spotlight" page.  Southcreek Stables is two miles south of Gaylord, and centrally located for riding the area's four horse parks (Rush River, 7-Mile, Beaver Falls, & Fort Ridgley).  Tasha says that Southcreek Stables also has "miles and miles of country roads right out their driveway"!  Southcreek Stables is proud to be a Minnesota Horse Council Certified Stable.  Amenities include a 70 x 140 indoor arena with an adjoining heated indoor viewing room where you can kick back, watch a movie or make a snack in the kitchenette; a 60 x 140 outdoor arena, an outdoor area for grilling and relaxing before or after your ride; box stalls, large/tall tack closets.  Well, you just have to visit the page links and see for yourself!  Feel free to call or e-mail Tasha to schedule a visit to their beautiful facility...and tell 'em Talk'n Horses sent ya!

Dutch Horse Rescue.  About 100 horses stranded on a stretch of flooded land in the Netherlands!  Watch their rescue!  Thanks Jodi for the information!

BBC News in video & audio.
Horse Rescue (Make sure your sound is turned on!!)

If you want to share on-line news, just e-mail the webmaster!

A New Link on Talk'n Horses Left Sidebar...THE HORSETV CHANNEL

FINALLY… HorseTV at Home.

While The HorseTV Channel is now in many markets around the country, it’s still far from available everywhere. Until one of the satellite boys picks them up, we remain frustrated that while the channel beams out horse programming 24 hours a day - most of us still can’t see it!

In the meantime, enter HorseTV Access - The HorseTV Channel on your computer!

It's their new broadband TV service available to anyone, anywhere with a computer and a broadband connection. Mind you, if you’re way out in the boonies, with only dial up, you still won’t be able to get it.  But if you have an anywhere decent connection HorseTV Access provides exactly the same great equestrian programming as The HorseTV Channel, only at different times. You can even watch it full screen – so it’s just like watching on your TV set!  Just how good your reception will be, depends on your ISP (internet connection). The channel broadcasts at several speeds simultaneously, so you can pick the one that gives you the best picture. Your computer does an automatic check and selects a connection speed for you, but you can manually adjust it - a handy tool if you connection speed drops.

I’ve been waiting for horses in my living room for so long I can’t remember. I know the wait’s not over yet, but at least now I can kick off my boots, put my feet up on my desk and get some great horse programming – even if it is in my home office!

Go to to check it out.

Information from the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation....regarding Minnesota's Trespass Laws.   Hunting Season is upon us and landowners should know what their responsibilities are regarding posting requirements and landowner liabilities.  Hope you find this information helpful!  CLICK HERE for .jpg file.  To print hover the cursor over the image and click the printer icon when it appears; or, right-click your mouse on the image and select 'view image'.  Then, use your browser's print selection from the "File Menu" to print the image.

A BIG thank you to Equity Supply in Mankato for remaining a sponsor on Talk'n Horses.  You'll find Equity Supply's banner link in the rotating right banner on most of Talk'n Horses pages, and the store's information on the "Grain Me" page!  Equity Supply carries Nutrena Horse Feeds.  They also have shavings, oats, and poultry, sheep, goat, and pet feed!  One-Stop shopping for your farm!  Equity also has a fantastic selection of bird seed and houses, grass seeds, and pasture grass mixtures not to mention vermin control, herbicide, and insecticide products.  Equity Supply has so many products that it would be really hard to list them all...  Stop by and see the good folks at Equity Supply.  Say hello to Darren and the gang, and tell 'em Talk'n Horses sent ya!!

Talk'n Horses.Com is honored to have reciprocating links with the United States Equestrian Federation  (U.S.E.F.) and the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA).  

The World Equestrian Games completed this weekend with the Jumping Final Four; and, the United States (Breezie Madden) took silver in the competition!  Team USA also dominated the Reining Competition with a Gold!  The World Equestrian Games will be in the United States in 2010! What an exciting event for our Country to host!  Keep up with all breaking news at

The American Morgan Horse (The Pride and Product of America)'s official site will keep you up-to-date on all Morgan Horse news and events.  Learn about this great American Breed on

You will find links to these great associations in the "Links to Associations and Organizations" section of each page.  Just scroll down and look to the left of your screen!

Soon to come:  A separate breed page with links to breed associations!

Often, Talk'n Horses gets questions on handling difficult situations with difficult horses.  We immediately contact handlers who may be able to help via telephone and/or e-mail.  Just this morning Talk'n Horses received a "present" from Julie Goodnight (Goodnight Training Stables, Inc., in Poncha Springs, Colorado)...  Julie has been kind enough to allow Talk'n Horses to link to her site.  Thank You Julie!

Julie's credentials are impressive!  She has more than 25 years experience and her background ranges from dressage and jumping to racing, reining, colt-starting & wilderness riding.  More Info...

Julie has an phenomenal site with a Q&A page that has many topics including:  Horse Behavior, Building a Better Relationship (with your horse), Issues from the Ground, Issues from the Saddle, Riding Skills and even a Miscellaneous section!  To top that off, she has an Article page for pro-active help.  Her articles include "Understanding Natural Horsemanship", Round Pen Revealed", "Lead Line Leadership", "Of Women and Horses", "Fear Management", "Understanding Horse Behavior", "Understanding Pressure", and More.  The link to Julie's site will be on the left below the month's events, just scroll down and click!.  If you can't find your specific problem, there is also a Contact page to contact Julie directly.  

Many of us have senior horses (mine just had his 26th birthday) and are wondering how to keep our beloved friends healthy and happy.  Thanks Jeff Kiewatt for this article on "Care & Feeding of your Senior Horse".

Hope you're having a great day!  I received and e-mail from a friend (Thanks Jan!) about a great article on Bute and Banamine and decided to see if a link between theHorse.Com was possible.  Yep, it is, so you'll find a link on the left under the ASPCA link.  Great Site with loads of information....

Here is a link to the article on Bute and Banamine..CLICK HERE.

National Animal Identification Plan for Minnesota Horse Premises and Owners
dated:  November 15, 2005  "...Registering your premises id number is FREE and EASY.  You can register for your premises id number on-line (Minnesota Residents ONLY) at  You can also contact the BAH office to register over the telephone (651-296-2942, ext: 17) or be mailed a registration card.  Currently, livestock owners are not required to register their premises, but as of January of 2008, premises registration will become mandatory."

Click here to discuss this plan with other readers at our forum.

Controversy on NAIS....are you informed?  Are you curious?  Are you apprehensive?  Here are more links to help you out!


Try this simple microwavable horse cookie recipe for a special summer treat...

2 Cups Flour
5 Cups Oatmeal
1/2 Cup Corn Oil
1 Clove Garlic
1 Cup Diced Carrots

Combine ingredients in bowl then form into small balls and press down with a spoon.  Place on a microwavable pan or sheet and microwave on high for six minutes per batch.

Thanks Jody from Misfit Acres for this great treat!!

AAEP Guidelines for Vaccinations of Horses:  .pdf Brochure
From Fort Dodge Animal Health a brochure with a suggested vaccination schedule provided by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).

Talk'n Horses would like to welcome our new sponsor, Minnesota Valley Equine Massage!  Feel free to visit their "Spot Light" Full-Page Ad to read about their services...and their story!  You will find their banner ads on our Rotating Ad Banner to the right and on most pages in the "Rotate on Refresh" banners.  Welcome Barb & Diane!

Welcome to Mary Hamilton and her Riders Elite Academy, Inc.  Mary Hamilton is a Mounted Police Instructor who has worked in Law Enforcement for over 20 years. As a fully insured ARICP certified riding instructor, Mary devotes her creative energy to developing customized training programs to improve show ring performance, mount obedience and despooking trail horses utilizing training methods used in training police horses.  Scroll down to see her logo...and visit her site.  It was a pleasure visiting Mary and John at the Horse Expo!

Melanomas and YOUR GRAY horse.  Poor Tuzee was still groggy from his floating when the vet picked up his tail to look and feel around his rectum.  "What're you doing?", I asked.  And Susan replied, "looking for melanomas".  Melanomas are round, black nodules that are found on gray horses.  If you have a GRAY, CLICK HERE to learn more about your horses susceptibility to cancer.

Welcome to Wyatt & Christina DeHart, Owners/Trainers at Hart to Hart Stables, Inc.!
Hart to Hart Stables is a full service facility specializing in the development of the American Saddlebred Show Horse. Offering an all-inclusive training package from young prospects to finished horses at their 32-stall indoor facility, they are centrally located in Shelby County, Kentucky thus offering the opportunity to participate in the Kentucky County Fair show circuit. Hauling, farrier, & dental services are also available. In addition to their training program, they have 45 acres of green pastures surrounding their stables and offer stallion service for mares & foal care year around.

Hart to Hart Stables, Inc., has a large indoor heated riding arena 80 x 165 and 32 Matted training stalls with custom tail boards. Heated lounge & stable.   Numerous paddocks & foaling stalls equipped with 24 video surveillance & foal alert system.
A request regarding 7-Mile!  
"Is it possible to put something in the 7 Mile Park page regarding removing your horse poop from the trails and how very important this is.  We were out there Sunday and flyers were being handed out and we were asked to spread the word.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE FLYER.
Thanks so much Kim~!  We thought your information was important enough to be put on the HOME Page.

CLICK HERE to read a Poem that my husband can relate to...ENJOY!

"Doc - What Should I Use and When Should I Worm My Horses and Mules?"

© A.J. Neumann, D.V.M.

published in The Draft Horse Journal, Summer, 1999

One of the most in-depth articles on worming I've found on the internet....
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