Setting up a LED grow light farm is costly but we have many examples near us which show it is possible to keep the cost down while growing plants under LED lights. Many growers find it very helpful to grow plants year around with the help of artificial lighting system. Today the best artificial growing system we have is LED lights. The technology is new and this is the reason why it is costly. In some parts of the world winters longer than 4 months and it is not possible to grow crops outside due to extreme cold weather. In this type of condition LED grow lights are very helpful. They give us chance to grow any type of crop whenever we want.

But the question is how do you know which type LED grow light is best for your plants and from where you can buy them at the low price without compromising with quality. To know the answers of all these question visits: https://shineledlighting.com/


LED LIGHTS ARE LESS EXPENSIVE: Yes. It is true LED lights are not expensive anymore because the technology is the getting advanced day by day and led technology is common these days. Many big companies over the globe are in this business and large production makes it cost effective. We do the comparison between old-fashioned lights and LEDs then LED might seems a little expensive but on the other hand the technology advancement make it cost effective.

A traditional lighting system is less expensive but they consume more energy which will increase your electric bills. Buying a grow light is one time investment but the power consumption is the biggest expense for the vast majority of indoor growers. So to cut the production cost they need an effective way which reduces the electric bills while other expenses are standard for all crops.


BIGGER PLANTS AND BETTER GROWTH: These are also called full spectrum lights because you do not need to buy any other type of light grow plants. In the old traditional lighting system, you need to buy separate lights for blooming and flowering stage. But this not in the case of LED lights. Every plant needs red, blue and green color light and some required little amount of UV light. The combination of all these colors makes a full spectrum light. When all plants get an equal amount of full-spectrum light they grow fast and healthy.

LESS HEAT: LEDs give the healthy environment to plants as they do not produce heat like other light technologies. Less heat means a cooler environment which reduces the risk of dryness. Artificial grow lights that produce an excess of heat will only cause damage to plants.