Oral health and dental hygiene are vital for longevity. This goes a long way to prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and gum diseases as Pensacola dentists would conquer,

The Pensacola dentist gives some of the reasons as to why caring for your teeth is important:
1. Healthy teeth are a sign of a longer life expectancy, research now indicates that people who still have all their teeth at age 75 have a greater chance of getting to 100 years.
2. Dental hygiene and oral health also promote a quality life as such persons can eat without problems, pronounce some words properly as well as smile comfortably without being ashamed, this raises one’s courage especially for children, concludes one of the Pensacola dentists.
3.Healthy teeth also reduce health problems in that some missing teeth could be an indicator of some life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, oral cancers just to mention a few which could limit life expectancy.
More than 50% of the adults above 50 years are diagnosed with periodontal disease, a bacterial infection in the soft tissue around the gums surrounding the teeth. It’s only the elderly that are facing the missing teeth but also people as young as 20 years.This way, dentists in Pensacola are voting for the Pensacola dental implant that will help the lives of many.
These implants are surgically fixated into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with this bone for a couple of months. This acts as a replacement for the missing tooth from the roots. These dental implants could last even past 15 years given that they are properly taken care of. Despite the side effects related to the implants,(infection, injury or nerve damage) Pensacola dentists are skilled and will do exemplary work.
Therefore, for a better dental hygiene, brush your teeth twice daily for 2-3 minutes each time and always visit your dentist for a check up frequently.